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About Us

Delivering Over 30 Years of Experiences

brand activation at experiential marketing event in Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

We Deliver Thoughtful, Meaningful, and Memorable Consumer Experiences

Our Mission is to deliver strategic, creative, and cost-effective Experiential Marketing solutions  for our partners.

Since 2008, Southport Marketing has been a full-service Experiential Marketing & Promotions Agency delivering thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable consumer experiences for brands of all types and sizes across the nation.

Our Values

What We Believe In

Leadership & Commitment

Creative & Cost-Effective Solutions

Putting Clients First

Delivering on Goals & Objectives


Our Team

Savvy Entrepreneurs and Marketing Industry Experts

Establishing rich and powerful connections with thousands of consumers across the country is no simple feat. How do we do it? By employing only the best of the best. Just like the city itself, our LA brand-boosting agency is steeped in creative talent, above-average ambition, and out-of-the-box thinking – not to mention all of our industry experts and decades of experience. For a team of innovative, seasoned professionals, partner with Southport Marketing.

Experiential marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA - Experience marketing agency in LA - Southport Marketing

Awards and Accolades

Proud of Our Accomplishments

brand activation at experiential marketing event in Los Angeles, CA

Your Consumer’s Passions Are Our Passions

What makes Southport Marketing so successful is our ability to connect with your consumers through their interests and passions. As an extension of your team, our agency works to understand your target market and where their passions lie; whether it be through sports, fairs, festivals, music, and everything in between, we provide innovative solutions on how best to reach them.

Our Partners

When we launched Southport Marketing in 2008, we had two goals: work with great clients to help them build their brands through Experiential Marketing and to build a team that is creative, passionate, and loves what they do. Today, those things still ring true for what we do.

– Tim Young, Owner & President

Connecting With Your Audience is What We’re All About

Understanding your consumers and forging meaningful connections is what we’re all about. In our 30+ years of experience, we’ve learned how to create unique and impactful customer engagements that foster deep-rooted relationships with your customers.

Each promotion, event, and experience we cultivate is designed to speak to every consumer on a personal level and keep the conversation going once the confetti settles. We’ll create an experience that leaves your target audience feeling entertained, inspired, and – most importantly – connected to your brand.

Kids drawing signs before soccer game at San Diego Wave Football Club sports marketing event

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