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Sponsorship Marketing

Build Your Brand and Level Up

Southport Marketing works with dozens of Brands to leverage sponsorship marketing to enhance the brand, generate leads, increase awareness, and drive sales.

Sponsorship Opportunities in Los Angeles, CA

What is Sponsorship Marketing?

Sponsorship Marketing combines the efforts of a brand and a partner (think sports teams, stadiums, festivals, concerts, fairs, etc.) coming together to increase brand awareness for the Brand. At Southport Marketing, we have been working with brands for more than 15 years to enhance their overall marketing efforts through sponsorship marketing. Integrating sponsorships is the key element to success – combining efforts of advertising, digital, social, and, of course, Experiential Marketing which is the only way for consumers to touch, smell, and engage in your product.

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Benefits & Advantages of Sponsorships

Southport Helps Brands Succeed with Sponsorship Marketing

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30+ Years of Success

The team at Southport Marketing has proven success with Sponsorship Marketing for more than 30 years.

Educated Buying

We have numerous case studies on how to buy with your head and not with your heart, which always gets you the best deal.

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Measured Results

Sponsorship Marketing allows you to track results and quantify your spend all the way down to cost per face to face consumer engagement.

Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships

For over 15 years, Southport Marketing in Los Angeles, CA, has created lasting memories and meaningful connections nationwide. Take a look at our sponsorship marketing portfolio for a close look at how our agency has empowered companies and brands like yours.

Brand & Event Sponsorship Marketing

Success Through Sponsorship Marketing

Executing a successful sponsorship marketing campaign comes from extensive market research, careful planning, and seamless execution. We work to deliver your brand assets to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Brand Priorities

Let us help to define your brand priorities: preferred markets, consumer data, targeted categories of partners desired (sports, festivals, concerts, charity, etc.)

Market Research

We take a deep dive into where, when, who, and how to target your ideal audience with sponsorship opportunities based on your Brand Priorities.

Flawless Execution

We leverage national relationships to target key opportunities for sponsorship, negotiate partnerships, and establish metrics for successful execution.

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Sponsorship Marketing FAQs

What is sponsorship marketing?

Sponsorship marketing combines the efforts of a brand and a partner (think sports team, festival, concerts, fairs, etc.) coming together to increase brand awareness for the brand.

Why is sponsorship marketing important?

By itself, sponsorship marketing allows you to touch … literally … consumers. That is the most important part. But sponsorship marketing is most effective when combined with a Brand’s overall marketing plans. Joining your advertising, digital marketing, and social media efforts, along with sponsorship marketing, is a recipe for success.

How can a brand measure sponsorship marketing?

Whether a brand is evaluating a sponsorship before buying or measuring the success of its sponsorship, Southport can deliver the right metrics and experience to show a brand the expected success and the ultimate return on its investment.

There are so many things to sponsor; where does a brand start?

Deciding what to sponsor is the most essential part of a brand’s success. Defining the target demo of your product and then sticking to that effort will lead you to buy the right opportunities vs. what you might like to be a part of. All too often, an executive might like the NFL, for example, but it might not be the best spot for a specific product. Southport will deliver an educated analysis to show you what is the most cost-effective solution on where to start.

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