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Event Staffing

Experienced. Exceptional. Reliable.

Using a robust database of experienced, reliable event staff, Southport Marketing hires representatives that best highlight a brand’s vision and mission. We take the guess work out of hiring and ensure that every event is staffed with knowledgeable ambassadors to your brand.

Southport Marketing

What is Event Staffing?

Once we’ve dreamed up the “what” – the phenomenal experience of our brand activations, the next step is determining the “who.” This where our in-house event staffing department selects the perfect candidates to represent each unique brand. With careful consideration as to the type and tone of each activation, we are able to hire reliable, experienced ambassadors to staff the various events.

Event staff passing out marketing fulfillment product samples at experiential brand activation event in Los Angeles, CA

Benefits & Advantages

Why Staff with Southport?

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Reliable Relationships

We have a thorough database of experienced event staff with whom we’ve built relationships with throughout the years.

Skip the Middleman

An in-house event staffing department means you don’t need to contract with a third party. Let us handle the staffing, vetting, and paperwork.

Brand Knowledge

Southport is a one-stop shop – we create the activations so we can pass along the brand knowledge and event information thoroughly and effectively to our event staff.

Our Work

For over 15 years, Southport Marketing in Los Angeles, CA, has created lasting memories and meaningful connections nationwide. Take a look at our portfolio for a close look at how our brand activations have empowered companies like yours.

Southport Marketing

Steps Toward Staffing

Our Event Staffing department is here to ensure smooth hiring and execution for every activation.

Tangible Targets

We begin the process by identifying the qualities of the ideal staff for each event. We discuss the scope and tone of the activation and how to best select staff to represent the brand.

Comprehensive Training

We take it upon ourselves to thoroughly train each ambassador on the goals and objective of the brand, and the vision of the activation. We prepare our staff so they can enjoy the process and represent the brand to the best of their abilities.

Experienced Execution

Every time we hire for an event, our relationship with our staff grows. They understand our procedures and execute the event smoothly and reliably. We all share the common goal of representing the brands that are so important to Southport Marketing.

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Event Staffing FAQs

How do you find event staff?

We maintain a thorough database of Event Staff whom we have worked with and can count on to represent our brands well. We are constantly adding new, vetted staff to this database as well.

How are staff selected for each activation?

Sometimes we will select staff based on their past experience with a brand or type of activation. We will also select new staff that are a good fit for each type of activation.

Why is in-house staffing more effective?

Considering Southport Marketing creates and implements each activation, we have a deep knowledge of what will make the activation successful. We can pass on these key elements to our trusted staff to ensure a cohesive chain of events for each event.

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