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Marketing Fulfillment

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Many companies offer fulfillment services.  We specialize in Marketing Fulfillment. Southport Marketing focuses on marketing a brand, and many brands prefer our focused expertise on developing programs tied to their overall marketing strategies. At times, the need to do fulfillment is an important tool to the overall strategy. Whether it is a team sending a gift out to their season ticket holders or a brand sending something cool to their top customers, we help with the overall development of the plan, as well as the execution of packing and distribution in a cost-effective manner.

Southport Marketing

What is Marketing Fulfillment?

Marketing Fulfillment, also called Kitting, is a customized package that can integrate into your specific campaign or program. There are a variety of ways it can be used to increase brand awareness, build loyalty, and further engagement. We go beyond the typical 3PL (third-party logistics) center by offering an array of customized fulfillment solutions.

Customers with branded coffee mugs at promotional marketing event in Los Angeles, California

Benefits & Advantages

Tailored Marketing Fulfillment for Memorable Campaigns

Customization is Key

Whether you want to send out PR kits for a new product launch, “surprise & delight” your guests with a gift bag, or kick off the season with a special season-ticket holder mailing, our marketing fulfillment team can make it happen!

Turn-Key Logistics

Storage, fulfillment, and distribution are all critical components to the success of any business that has a product to deliver. We are a partner you can trust to keep your products safe and organized, capture your orders in real-time, and ensure delivery to your customers within your specified timeframe.

Exceptional Fulfillment Staffing

Our team is your winning asset. We go above and beyond to ensure your fulfillment needs are met with precision and care. From dedicated staffing to unrivaled customer service, we’re here to elevate your experience and exceed your expectations. Your success is our priority.

Our Work

For over 15 years, Southport Marketing in Los Angeles, CA, has created lasting memories and meaningful connections nationwide. Take a look at our portfolio for a close look at how our brand activations have empowered companies like yours.

Southport Marketing

Offering a Variety of Fulfillment Services

There are many ways to look at how and why Marketing Fulfillment is important to your brand.

Surprise & Delight

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and unexpected gifts garner a genuine response of excitement surrounding your product. Promotional items with personalized names, branding, monograms or engraving will leave a lasting impression.

New Product Launch / PR Kits

Aside from in-person events, kits deliver an experience directly to your customer, whether for a new product, campaign, or as part of your media strategy. Cut through the clutter with a well-curated marketing kit, generating media attention and coverage for your brand.

Activation Kits

When looking to execute a program across various locations and markets, activation kits are a turn-key solution to deploy a cohesive campaign on a larger scale that allows for in-market implementation. Developing and fulfilling these kits from a central source ensures a consistent brand message across multiple locations.


Customizable retail options such as seasonal boxes, holiday offerings, limited time offers or merchandise, and personalized gifts allow for updated offerings and add perceived value to keep your customers coming back.

Corporate Gifts

Employee recognition gifts, new hire kits, holiday baskets or internal marketing campaigns are great ways to reward your employees and aid with retention. After all, they are your most valuable asset.

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Marketing Fulfillment FAQs

Does my marketing fulfillment campaign need to be a certain size or quantity?

Our marketing fulfillment team can handle any size of program – whether running a small campaign or a large-scale initiative. We have done quantities of less than 100 and more than 400,000. What matters to us is the idea, not the quantity.

Can you ship straight to my consumer?

Absolutely! Let us manage your mailing list and postage or freight needs to seamlessly deliver your products directly to your customer’s doorsteps, enhancing the customer experience.

What other services do you provide with fulfillment?

We have you covered from every aspect: Inventory Management, Pick & Pack Shipping, Shipping Discount Rates, Retail Rebate Programs, Returns & Processing, Customer Service Call Center, Product Inspection and Detailed Reporting.

Have a project in mind?

Let us help you make it a reality. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.

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