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Experiential Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA

Bring Your Brand to Life

Southport Marketing is an Experiential Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA creating unforgettable consumer experiences & events to connect brands with customers nationwide. Our full-service experiential agency in LA provides everything your company needs to deliver an extraordinary brand experience from event production & brand activation to sports marketing, sponsorships & more. Make your mark with our out-of-the-box approach to capturing attention & showcasing your brand’s value. 

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Southport Marketing

Connecting People, Passions, & Brands

Southport Marketing connects brands with people and their passions through unforgettable branded experiences, brand activation, and event production. For over a decade, our agency has crafted powerful, creative, unique experiential marketing solutions for clients in California & across the United States.

Experiential Marketing Services

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Southport Marketing provides all the experiential marketing services you need to attract, engage, and connect with your brand’s target audience. Once we determine your company’s marketing goals, we’ll craft a personalized experiential marketing strategy consisting of brand-boosting methods that will help you the most.

Learn about Brand Activations in Los Angeles, CA
brand activation icon
Brand activation

Brand Activation

Fuel growth with a captivating brand activation event. We develop out-of-the-box experiences to engage target audiences, interact with your customers, and establish deeply rooted customer loyalty.

Sponsorship Marketing
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Sponsorship marketing

Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship Marketing is all about joining forces to amplify your brand’s promotional impact and boost the results of your overall marketing strategy.

Sports Marketing
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Sports marketing

Sports Marketing

We can create an immersive opportunity for customers to interact with your brand alongside their favorite sports teams and athletes at stadiums, games, special events, or on the field.

Interactive Event Technology
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Event technology

Event Technology

Whether your event needs interactive exhibits, games, photo applications, video services, or prize fulfillment, Southport Marketing can deliver the technology your event needs.

Promotional display design and fabrication services
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Design and fabrication

Display Design & Fabrication

With our custom graphics, 3D renderings, and computer-generated layouts, your brand becomes tangible, allowing guests to interact anywhere.

Event staffing services
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Event staffing

Event Staffing

We can fully staff your event with experienced brand ambassadors, product specialists, DJs, bartenders, servers, and event managers.

Experiential Event Production
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Event production

Event Production

Every marketing event we plan, produce, and coordinate is crafted to engage consumers, captivate audiences, inspire loyalty, and ignite engaging conversations between your brand and its most valuable customers.

Marketing fulfillment
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Marketing fulfillment

Marketing Fulfillment

From creating custom sampling kits to providing storage and distribution options, our marketing fulfillment team has you covered!

Branded VIP Experiences
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VIP experiences

VIP Experiences

Our experiential marketing agency offers exclusive VIP Experiences that provide next-level brand experiences for your most valuable customers.

Large-scale printing and signage
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Large scale printing

Large-Scale Printing

We offer a comprehensive range of large-scale printing & custom signage solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries.

Our Partners

Los Angeles-Based Brand Experience Agency

Southport Marketing is a Los Angeles-based experiential agency specializing in out-of-the-box experiential marketing, branding, special events, and promotions. Since 2008, Southport has created groundbreaking events for various clients, including Chevrolet (Agency 720), the LA Rams, Alaska Airlines, TaylorMade Golf, Ford Motor Company, 24-Hour Fitness, and many more.

Our Five Core Values:

  • Leadership and commitment
  • Creative and cost-effective solutions
  • Putting clients first
  • Delivering on goals and objectives
  • Trust

With these values, Southport Marketing delivers exceptional experiences to create meaningful results and stays within budget, all while functioning on a foundation of trust. We’ll work to understand your goals and objectives and build an event that will inspire and delight while producing exceptional return on investment.

Are you ready to create an experience that your audience will always remember? Our reliable experts provide decades of combined experience that has strengthened our clients’ brands to reach thousands of customers. Put your trust in a brand experience agency that understands you. Learn more about us and what we can do for you.

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Experiential marketing staff creating memorable experience for consumers at brand activation event in Los Angeles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is all about creating unique experiences for your consumers to engage directly with your brand, face to face. Experiential marketing (otherwise known as event or engagement marketing) utilizes tangible elements that create sensory experiences (tastes, sounds, smells, etc.) to foster unforgettable opportunities to interact with your brand.

Why should my business consider experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a powerful solution for brands looking to create inspiring, engaging, and meaningful engagements for their customers – including new product launches, pop-up shops, fan fests, concerts, interactive displays, and more. Experiential brand activations go beyond traditional marketing strategies to create an unforgettable experience through an emotional connection between a brand and its customers, leaving a lasting impression.

Do you handle event logistics, permits, and venue selection for experiential campaigns?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes logistics that go into successful experiential marketing campaigns. Southport Marketing in Los Angeles, CA handles every detail of your marketing program to ensure a completely turn-key experience so you can stress less and enjoy the ride. Our operations teams have the extensive experience and resources necessary to fully manage all aspects of your campaign, from inception to completion. We’ll take care of all the nitty-gritty, including permits, vendors, venues, staffing, and everything else required for a successful seamless execution.

Can you assist with designing and creating interactive installations or experiences?

Southport Marketing will assist you with all of your interactive installations and exhibits. In fact, we’re so good at what we do that you can be as hands-off as you need to be. Our production team will handle everything from design concepts to fabrication and installation to create ground-breaking, awe-inspiring, thought-provoking experiences for your future customers.

Do you have the capability to organize experiential campaigns beyond the Los Angeles area?

While Southport Marketing is based in Los Angeles, our creative reach is national. We’ve provided our extensive experiential services to brands nationwide, from LA to NY. No matter where your company has put down roots or where you want your brand activation event to take place, our agency can help you achieve the results you’re striving for. Contact Southport Marketing today to learn more about how we can help you create an innovative and unforgettable experiential marketing program that will leave a lasting impression!

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