SDCCU OC Marathon

As title sponsor of the OC Marathon, SDCCU had several experiential footprints with engaging interactives throughout the entire event.

  • SDCCU conducted surveys at each of their footprints to where guests were able to participate in a survey that ended with a digital spin wheel. Guests either won a branded stretchy headband, branded Swedish fish, or a $100 Visa Gift Card.
  • At the Lifestyle Expo guests were able to engage with an Instagram vending machine. When guests followed @SDCCU and posted a photo using the hashtags #SDCCU and #OCMarathon, a gift would dispense from the vending machine.
  • Guests were also able to participate in a photo booth with beach themed props. The photos were then texted instantly to the guest for easy sharing courtesy of SDCCU.
  • At the Finish Line Festival, guests customized their own Marathon Survival Kit by choosing a screen printed design that was screen printed live for each guest. Guests were then able to choose two items at the Amenity Wall. Their choices consisted of a stretchy headband, hand sanitizer, a cooling towel, and a lip balm/sunscreen duo.
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