Rams Super Bowl Send Off

The Challenge

Southport has worked with the Rams on their game day fan experiences since they returned to Los Angeles in 2016. In preparation of the 2020 season, excitement grew about all of the great event activation possibilities at their new home, SoFi Stadium. We were well in to planning game day experiences for fans and sponsors in the Spring/Summer of 2020 under the assumption that the COVID-19 pandemic was a short-term hurdle. Everyone expected things to be back to normal by Fall 2020 allowing fans to attend games at SoFi Stadium as they had the previous four years at the LA Coliseum.

Once it became clear that COVID-19 was going to be with us for much longer, Southport & the Rams had to pivot on how they’d interact with fans and sponsors for the 2020 season. Fans couldn’t be at the stadium on game days, but we could still create memorable installations integrating sponsors with the Rams’ brand that their fans could view and share online.

The first opportunity arose at the regular season home opener against the Cowboys. Nike ran a league wide campaign to start the season called “Stronger Than One”. The campaign for Nike in partnership with the Rams centered around All-Pro Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald. Donald is a larger-than-life competitor on the field, so how do we bring that to life off the field?

Client Name

  • Los Angeles Rams

Event Location

  • Los Angeles, California

Event Date

  • September 2020

Services Provided


Southport developed the idea of putting oversized banners in the empty parking lots at SoFi Stadium during games to give additional exposure to partners via the airplanes flying in and out of LAX. The Rams partnership team took that idea to next level by partnering with Nike to create a 99’x99’ mural of Aaron Donald integrating Nike’s “Stronger Than One” campaign.

After finalizing the concept, Southport produced the “canvas” for the artist to paint on as well as a temporary structure to hold the mural in place the week of the game. Southport and our partners turned around the production of the installation in a couple short weeks. Our team of videographers captured the entire project to create a time lapse. Then, they immediately edited the final cut overnight for launch on game day to all of the Rams’ & Nike’s social media channels as well as being sent to traditional media outlets for additional exposure.

This art installation displayed the creativity and collaboration of the Rams and Nike. Southport is proud to help bring it to life.

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