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Nick Johnson

Director of Event Operations

About Nick

Nick is an accomplished Event Executive with over a decade of expertise in producing a variety of events at the highest levels.

Currently serving as Southport’s Director of Event Operations, Nick brings a wealth of event knowledge and experience to the team. As a former Head of Production & Operations, Nick led teams in managing the creative design, production, and operations of touring experiential entertainment events in partnership with major Film and TV studios and their IP’s.

Nick has also held positions at several entertainment and concert production companies. He served as the Director of Operations for YouTube Theater/Hollywood Park, where he oversaw day-to-day venue operations, developed operational SOPs, and created a staffing program that best serviced his client at the new venue. Nick’s time as a Festival Producer showcased his leadership and expertise in project managing production and operations for large-scale events, including budgeting, logistics, vendor procurement, and site design.