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Southport is known for creating great brand activation plans for our clients that are easy to set up, activate, and break down in the span of a single event. Most sponsorships include space for activation during a short period. However, what if the property asks you to develop a display that can exist on-site for months instead of days? What if the location of this display is also open to the elements of rain, wind, and rust? Finally, what do you do if the location is 70 feet high with no ramp? No problem, Southport can help you out…


We were tasked with developing a static display for the Lexus dealers in the Seattle area on the club level at the University of Washington in their newly renovated football stadium to highlight their new IS model. The catch: it was on the second deck of the stadium with no vehicle access and located outside in a climate where inclement weather is regularly seen during football season.


Southport took this challenge and turned it into an opportunity to develop an activation that would literally make some noise and catch the attention of all fans on the club level.

This custom-designed promotional display reflects the cutting-edge brand image of Lexus. In addition, it was fabricated from scratch to last the entire football season with limited week-to-week maintenance. The vehicle was craned into the stadium before the first game and removed after the final game. Lighting and sound were added to the display that both illuminated the vehicle and reacted to the crowd noise by glowing and simulating the sound of the engine during big plays!