Chevy Dealers College Marketing

The Chevy Dealers in St. Louis and Omaha interact with college students by allowing them to work as their own marketing agency in creating a marketing campaign around the Chevrolet brand.

Chevy College Marketing - St. Louis

The Chevy dealers partner with local universities with the idea in mind that young students can help the dealers figure out the best ways to reach millennials with their marketing plans. The project gives the students a mock budget of $100,000 and a few guidelines. The students create a real marketing plan within that budget that consists of a :30 TV commercial, social media marketing, event marketing, and budget research. Throughout the semester, the groups work on their project alongside the curriculum before the teachers pick a winning group to represent their school. Each winning team will do an event promoting a vehicle on their campus leading up to a competition between schools. At the end of the semester, the schools compete against each other presenting their plans to the Chevy Dealers. One group is “awarded” the business of the dealers. Following the semester, our team hires interns from these classes to spend the summer helping promote the Chevy brand.

The St. Louis Chevy College Marketing Program has worked with more than 700 students since its creation in 2010. The winning team member from a local university in 2010 is now managing the Street Teams along with another former college student who was an intern in 2013. Since 2011, when the Street Team program began, 14 students have worked as interns. For them it’s not just a job, but a fun learning experience.

In Omaha the Chevy Dealers have worked with students since 2013 and more than 240 students have participated. The development of the students’ ideas have fostered new opportunities for the Chevy Dealers to bring to life in their marketing campaigns.

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