Chevrolet College Marketing Program

The Challenge

Local Chevrolet Dealers and universities have partnered every Fall since 2011 to create the Chevy College Marketing Program. It provides young students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-life scenario where students will help the dealers figure out the best ways to reach millennials. The project assigned to each school includes a mock budget of $100,000 and a few guidelines that consist of a :15 TV commercial, social media marketing, event marketing, and budget search.

Students then prepare a plan to “pitch” the dealer group at the end of the semester about the best way to market to their peers. It is an amazing learning tool for both the students and the dealers. Select students then have the opportunity for an Internship to join the Chevy Street Team program for the summer and in some cases full-time employment following graduation.

Client Name

  • Chevrolet Dealers

Event Location

  • Multiple across the nation

Event Date

  • Multiple

Services Provided

  • Program Management
  • Education


Southport has hired more than 20 Interns through this program and employed several students right out of college as they begin their marketing journey.

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