Digital vs. Paper Lead Generation

Our number one goal for our clients is to show a return on their investment in the programs we run. However, in experiential marketing, this isn’t always the easiest thing to prove. Having tangible results is the best way to show the ROI of a specific project, so how does Southport attain that goal…


Southport is known for connecting with consumers on-site and the best way to track this is through lead generation. Historically, it’s been getting consumers to put pen to paper and that is how you capture their information. However, even with our state of the art OCR (optical character recognition) software, not every handwritten lead is legible or complete. How do we make the data captured better in turn giving a better ROI to our clients?


Two thirds of the United States population owns smart phones, so it makes sense to update the old ways of capturing user data with touch screens becoming second nature for most. Because of this, Southport takes advantage of the technical knowledge of our target consumers and the scalability of technology to provide great digital lead generation platforms for our clients.

Whether it’s a fully customizable “Spin to Win” application like we built for Alaska Airlines for their activations & sweepstakes, an off the shelf software platform that we use to capture leads for the Valley Buick/GMC Dealers, social media integration, or user generated digital premiums, we have solutions that fit all budgets and timelines.

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