Maintaining a Positive Perspective

During these unprecedented times and challenges, what can we do now while many things are at a standstill, to make ourselves better, stronger, and more prepared? Here are some helpful tools and tips on maintaining a positive perspective to lead your teams and clients.

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Be Positive & Forward Looking: Easier said than done. Look to the things you’re able to control and do now. What has been on your to-do list that you never have time to get done when you’re busy or in peak season? Now is the time to tackle them – updating your website, conducting inventory of your properties, compiling your recaps, etc. Research and investigate resources that will make your company better and more efficient – new software, new technology, new service offerings, etc.

Communicate: Check in with your employees, clients and vendors. How are they doing? Pick up the phone, send an email, shoot a text.  Reaching out, listening and being empathetic goes a long way. It’s comforting to know that we’re all in this together.

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Pivot, Be Creative & Be Genuine: Is there a way you can assist your clients? Maybe you can, maybe not right now. Showing that you’re thinking about potential solutions only makes you a stronger partner to them. Can something be done via social, virtual, direct mail, fulfillment, etc.?  And if you have a potential solution, make sure you consider your tone and sincerity when reaching out. Now is not the time to be a salesman.

Learn & Prepare: We’re all adapting in real time. What past experiences can be applied to current circumstances? What are strategies that can be put in place now to provide appropriate and timely responses? Take in current learnings so you can anticipate and apply to future challenges.

Lead: This is not the first pandemic. This is not the first time the stock market has gone south. This is not the first time we have all be told to stay home (although this one feels really new). This will also not be the first time we grow, improve, and succeed. Leading your team in the right manner will get you to the right place to prosper.

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