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We are familiar with traditional “direct mail” pieces sent out en masse. Marketing Fulfillment, also called Kitting, is a customized package that can integrate into your specific campaign or program. It can be used in various ways to increase brand awareness, build loyalty, and further engagement.

As brands seek new channels to engage with their consumers, Marketing Fulfillment is an impactful way to stand out from the recent onslaught of all things virtual.

Marketing Fulfillment Examples

Surprise & Delight

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and unexpected gifts garner a genuine response of excitement surrounding your product. Promotional items with personalized names, branding, monograms, or engraving will leave a lasting impression.

New Product Launch / PR Kits

With in-person events at a minimum, kits deliver an “experience” directly to your consumer, whether for a new product, campaign, or as part of your media strategy. Cut through the clutter with a well-curated marketing kit, generating media attention and coverage for your brand.


Marketing Activation Kits

When looking to execute a program across various locations and markets, marketing activation kits are a turn-key solution to deploy a cohesive campaign on a larger scale that allows for in-market implementation. Developing and fulfilling these kits from a central source ensures a consistent brand message across multiple locations.

Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Customizable retail options such as seasonal boxes, holiday offerings, limited-time offers or merchandise, and personalized gifts allow for updated offerings and add perceived value to keep your customers returning.


Corporate Gifts

Employee recognition gifts, new hire kits, holiday baskets, or internal marketing campaigns are great ways to reward your employees and aid retention. After all, they are your most valuable asset.

Virtual Event Extension

Take your virtual campaign a step further by providing a touch point to your attendees with a custom-branded kit integrated into the virtual component.

Regardless of the marketing kit type, having a fulfillment partner you can rely on is vital. Quality control, organization, and timeliness are all critical components to the success of the fulfillment.

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