Heartland Chevy Dealers Street Teams

The dealers that make up Heartland Chevy want to bring product knowledge and create everlasting impressions to the community with the help of Southport Marketing.

  • The Heartland Chevy Dealers consists of 15 dealerships. Our group supports large events ranging from PGA sanctioned golf tournaments, food and music festivals, and other popular local events. The Heartland Chevy Dealers street team displays at more than 70 outdoor events each year. Our team engages with consumers by setting up Chevrolet’s full lineup with brand ambassadors and Heartland Chevy branding. Throughout the event consumers take their time to interact with vehicles, learn from our staff about the vehicles, take a survey, and receive a prize.
  • The street teams also display and set up activations at CHI Health Center and Ralston Arena year-round, averaging 140 activation days at these arenas alone. Each arena brings in crowds of all ages for a wide variety of events including concerts, sporting events, craft fairs, sports and travel shows, rodeos, family shows, and many more. CHI center alone can bring in up to 18,975 attendees per event giving our street teams exceptional foot traffic.
  • Since 2014, the street team program has grown from 25 activation days to around 200 days per year. The success of the program has generated more than 35,000 leads, 250,000 vehicle interactions, and more than 2.3 million impressions.
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