The Challenge

In early 2023, BMO’s strategic decision to secure the naming rights of BMO Stadium, home to LAFC and ACFC, to enhance brand visibility and community engagement was finalized. By associating with a renowned sports venue in Los Angeles, BMO aimed to differentiate itself, strengthen brand recognition, and forge deeper connections with new customers and their local communities.

To optimize the sponsorship, BMO partnered with Southport to create a custom fan experience. In doing so, we designed, fabricated, and executed a one-of-a-kind ATM Activation and Pannacourt to bring BMO’s vision to life.

Later in the year, opportunities with FIFA and CONCACAF events were also activated.

Client Name

  • BMO

Event Location

  • Los Angeles, CA – BMO Stadium
  • San Diego, CA – Snapdragon Stadium
  • Las Vegas, NV – Allegiant Stadium

Event Date

  • 2023-2024

Services Provided


Across 16 events, we achieved 20,000 unique impressions, 6,700 unique engagements, and an average dwell time of almost 9 minutes. The premium items that were disbursed were high quality and able to be utilized outside the activation spaces.

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