St. Louis Chevy Dealers Street Teams

Chevrolet in St. Louis wants to keep to their grass roots by helping educate the community on their product line and expand the strong image the dealers have created with the help from Southport Marketing.

The Mid America Chevy Dealers consists of 36 dealerships. Our goal is to support each one. For our large and small dealerships, we provide them with street team days to educate locals on a Chevrolet vehicle. The Chevrolet Street Teams engage with locals at local food spots to get interested consumers to experience the vehicle. While we do street teams, we also support large events ranging from concert festivals, food and music festivals, and other local events. We have a better opportunity to engage with consumers by setting up Chevrolet’s full lineup with brand ambassadors and Mid America Chevy branding. Throughout the event consumers take their time to interact with vehicles, learn from our staff about the vehicles, and get a prize.

The Street Teams also take Chevrolet to family destinations – our biggest being the St. Louis Zoo. The Street Teams activate throughout the summer at the St. Louis Zoo with a two-vehicle display. The St. Louis Zoo sees over 3-million visitors a year and our Street Team is there 52 days a year engaging consumers. The Mid America Chevy Dealers have been the official Automotive sponsor of the St. Louis Zoo since 2013.

In total the program has grown exponentially since its inception in 2011. The Street Teams now spend 150 days doing events each year around St. Louis. In total, the Street Teams have generated more than 58,000 leads, 203,000 interactions with vehicles, and over 3,010,000 impressions.

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