Shaping The Industry – TaylorMade Golf Product Guide

Launching Golf Products

Each year, TaylorMade and golf retailers launch core products in January which leads up to the spring playing season. Through their retail partners, it is often a race to the newest and best-looking point-of-sale material. A challenge of who can shout louder or shine more to peak consumer interest. Millions of dollars are poured into fancy displays and signage that changes every season.

Sales associates must know the ins and outs for dozens of products – brand by brand – that are new every year. Buying a driver today is very much like buying a car; you can even test drive it. Think of all the options that can come on a car. A driver, irons or a putter are very similar. Driver head choices. Shaft choices. Grip choices. It is next to impossible to explain all that with signage or other printed materials.

Disrupting the Industry

In anticipation of the SIM2 product launch, TaylorMade looked to revolutionize the golf retail sales industry, as it has done with its product lineup for years. To eliminate the annual printing of product guides and other collateral for hundreds of retail stores while still making an impact, Southport Marketing presented TaylorMade with a unique idea to address this challenge – a mobile application. Not only does it significantly reduce annual expenses, but allows for real-time updates, quicker access to product details, push notifications, analytics, and so much more.

Built by Golfers For Golfers

The TaylorMade Product Guide App is built with the retail sales associate in mind to use on the sales floor while helping a customer better understand their choices, and, most importantly, delivering a science-driven answer vs. just look or feel. The App contains a training section that sales associates use to increase their knowledge in the product. In addition, consumers can engage with the App in a variety of ways, such as swing tips from Team TaylorMade.

Flowing through the TaylorMade App is very intuitive for the user. Distinct product categories for Drivers, Fairway Metals, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, Putters and Balls provides quick and easy navigation. For the experienced sales associate talking to an experienced golfer, Sell Sheets on every single product morphed from hundreds of printed pages to a much simpler digital version. This section dives deep into the specs on every club, therefore, giving the golfer the knowledge on the spot to make the best decision available in the market today.

Take a look for yourself and download the TaylorMade Golf Product Guide.

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