Chevrolet Street Teams

The Challenge

Our National Chevrolet Street Team group supports Chevrolet Dealer Groups in multiple markets nationwide, focused on event production ranging from music festivals to weekends at the Zoo. For example, the Chevrolet Street Team in St Louis activates brands at more than 100 outdoor events each year. Our street team engages with consumers by setting up Chevrolet’s branding and lineup with brand ambassadors, who, throughout the events, motivate customers to take a survey and receive a prize.

Our goal is to support each Chevrolet dealer in the Designated Marketing Area (DMA), providing them with brand activation days either at their dealership or at local events to educate customers on Chevrolet vehicles. As part of our street team, we also support large-scale events at family destination venues such as the St. Louis Zoo, Hollywood Amphitheatre, ONEOK Field, and CHI Health Center, to name a few.

Client Name

  • Chevrolet Dealer Groups

Event Location

  • Nationwide

Event Date

  • Multiple

Services Provided


Since 2010, our Chevrolet Street Team program has grown from 25 activation days to more than 300 days yearly. The success of our program has generated more than 500,000 customer interactions and delivered over 7,000,000 impressions across all markets.

Brand Activation Days Per Year
Customer Interactions
Impressions Delivered In All Markets

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