Callaway’s Big Bertha Payday


Callaway Golf wanted to go big in their next promotion to help sustain their successful launch of the New Big Bertha Driver. Several years ago they created a promotion around the Masters that if you purchased a Callaway Driver during specific dates and Phil Mickelson won the Masters you would get your money back on the driver. Phil won so it was a big hit for consumers. This time around they wanted to do something big around one of the major tournaments. The idea was hatched that someone could win what Phil wins at Pinehurst. How could they pull it off in less than three weeks?


This is where Southport Marketing comes in. Southport consulted with Callaway on how to pull this off in a tight time frame. We specialize in logistics and execution. Numerous tactics had to be tied up quickly including Rules, Bonding, Insurance on the Prize, Canada rules and how people can register. Callaway’s marketing machine went to work on getting their retail partners on board to make this the most important promotion for one month. Southport went to work to make sure they stayed “legal” in the process while still having a compelling campaign.

The Big Bertha Payday


The final product became The Big Big Bertha Payday. Consumers visited a local golf retailer to demo the Big Bertha and then received a code to register online for the sweepstakes. One winner was picked to win Phil Mickelson’s paycheck from Pinehurst.

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